Location: Molivos, Lesvos, Greece

Viva Mare Hotel will not show much of its unique qualities, unless you pass its imposing green gates, and wander in its peaceful and fragrant garden which hides the hotel from the main road. Located in just 1.4 km distance from Molyvos village, 1.2 km from the hot springs of Eftalou, and 4 km from the port of Petra, we are there where at night there are always stars on the sky. In a hotel area with a private beach, six pools, including one indoors with heating capacity and two especially for children, fourteen acres of landscaping, two independent playgrounds, four lounge areas and two bars, we would be more than pleased to welcome you in our premises. For anything you need, whether it’s a simple question, or a challenging event such as your wedding, the team of Viva Mare Hotel will be happy to handle everything for you. Our pools are our diamonds. Made for all tastes and ages, give our guests a tremendous choice and potential in terms of variety and purpose so that all of them could swim comfortably as many hours they want per day. Feeling tired under the sun? Then simply move to another pool with different scenery, shape, and use. From the pool next to the pool bar, to the rectangular one, and from there to the inner one if it is raining, or to the swimming pool with the professional Jacuzzis outside the spa area, and vice versa. For our little friends, Viva Mare Hotel has two separate pools for children, with 0.60 meters depth and 0.80 meters depth for older children.Two playgrounds for kids from one to fifteen years old, with plastic toys, trampolines, and swings suitable even for adults that have kept the little child into their hearts. Coffee on the terrace? Lunch or dinner overlooking the coasts of Turkey and the small fishing boats over the transparent waters of the Aegean? Working with your laptop or communicating with your friends from back home? Whatever your plans are, on our terrace, you will enjoy evenings and midday fiestas with the Aegean breeze and the Greek sun embracing you.Our restaurant has 260 square meters of interior space and 500 square meters of outdoor-terrace with a beautiful sea view, suitable to accommodate any celebration or event.
For single travelers, or for professionals who visit our island for short periods, our single rooms despite the fact that are slightly smaller in size than the double rooms, are all equipped with one and a half beds and whirlpool tubs for relaxation. Fully equipped, as our double ones, with double sided orthopedic mattresses (soft-hard), balconies overlooking either the Aegean or in the garden, all of them have amenities such as air conditioning, fridge, television, DVD player, Wireless Internet, telephone, and doors with magnetic lock. All bathrooms are made of Greek marbles, hidden lighting, and whirlpool tubs.

Double Rooms

Balcony over the Aegean, or garden view? Whatever your choice is, all our rooms are fully equipped with orthopedic mattresses duplex (soft-hard), balconies with views of either the Aegean or in the garden, and with amenities such as air conditioning, fridge, television (flat LCD in most rooms), DVD player, Wireless Internet, telephone, and doors with magnetic lock.
All bathrooms are made of greek marble, hidden lighting, and equipped with bathtubs or hydro massage columns, able to offer you relaxing moments in your private space.
Family rooms are two double rooms connected with a door in between, so that mom and dad can keep their privacy in their own room, and kids can play or sleep early in the next room, without any annoyance from the adults. Family rooms are suitable for large families, or for those cases where adult siblings want a separate room from their minor siblings. Furthermore, family rooms are suitable in cases where a couple travels with an elderly family member, and prefers to be close enough in order that they can take care of him/her.


Around 45 square meters each, are distinguished from their second level floor staircase, and can accommodate up to six people. They also have larger balconies with sea view or garden view, larger bathrooms made of marble and are all equipped with whirlpool bathtubs as well as showers.
They do provide all the amenities you could find in our double rooms such as air conditioning, fridge, flat 36″ T.V.(LCD), DVD, Wireless Internet, telephone, and doors with magnetic lock. All Maisonettes have a separate and direct access to the SPA, lounge, bar, and dining room areas through an exclusive spacious elevator.

  • Public computer for free
  • Wireless Internet in all hotel areas (rooms included) for free
  • Bus itinerary of Alkaios hotel in Molyvos four times per day for free (10:30 am, 12:30pm, 18:30pm, and 20:30pm)
  • Safe deposits for rent Car Parking free of charge
  • Beach towels for rent

Our Spa area, an endless balcony over the Aegean, is like a hanging garden which in combination with the sea and the blue sky, gives the impression that guests are traveling above the sea. Besides this natural beauty, you can further enjoy the indoor pool with a professional Jacuzzi which has three modes ready to eliminate all kinds of mental or physical fatigue. The wellness area also provides a Swedish type sauna, two Power Douches, and a dual Hammam (one for women and one for men), which can accommodate up to six people each. In the Spa area you will also find two treadmills, one Multi gym, a stationary bike, and weights so that you do not deprive yourselves of the joy of gymnastics during your vacation. Finally, special reference should be given to the Wellness Pool located at the front end of the exterior Spa area. This special Wellness Pool is equiped with the following:

  • One meter wide powerful waterfall two professional Jacuzzis
  • Six additional power jets in the main pool for integrated and complete hydromassage sense
  • Ttwo cannon jets for cervical and back massage
  • A high tech professional system (with 10hp motors) for counter-current swimming (reverse swimming)

All the above features properly used can provide within twenty minutes real rejuvenation, good circulation, and wellness for the rest of your day.


  • Air Condition
  • Bar
  • Fitness
  • Lounge
  • Outdoor pool
  • Restaurant
  • SPA
  • TV
  • WiFi